Snugpak - Sleeper Extreme

Temperature Rating: 20°F to 11°F (-7°C to -12°C)

The Sleeper Extreme is the next step up from our Sleeper Lite in the Sleeper Series range of bags. The development of the Sleeper Extreme was out of a need for a cost effective well rounded sleeping bag that could operate at pretty frigid temperatures around the world. The Sleeper Extreme has been used in places most of us never knew existed. The compromise made here on pack size is more than compensated for in the overall performance.

Available Colors: Olive, Black, Desert Tan & Orange/Silver
86 in
218 cm
74 Oz
2098 Grams
60 in
152 cm
Pack Size::
12 x 12 in
30 x 30 cm

MSRP $ 79.00
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