About us

Proforce Equipment, Inc. is based in Miramar, Florida and specializes in the Import and Distribution of various brands. We are proud to offer quality equipment at competitive prices and we pride ourselves on servicing the needs of Military Service Members and Outdoor Enthusiasts including hikers, backpackers, campers, hunters, bushcrafters and more through our network of Dealers and Distributors. We feel our product selection, availability and our outstanding customer service sets us apart from our competition. Most of the items we offer are unique to us.

Proforce Equipment is the Exclusive Distributor and Representative for Snugpak®, NDūR® and Camcon® in North and South America and for Multimat® and Wildo® in the United States. The products we represent are in over 600 retail locations and on 1,000's of websites. We have an In-Stock Fulfillment Ratio of 98.5%, which is unheard of in our industry. We constantly hear shock and amazement when one of our dealers contact us asking if a sizable quantity is available and they hear that it is.

We are fortunate to have a very effective and diverse Dealer and Distribution Network. Because of this we do not sell directly to individuals, units or agencies. We value our dealers immensely, their support and commitment to us and our product lines is invaluable. We continually seek out reputable Brands that offer great products which we can represent in North and South America to our valuable Dealer & Distributor Network.

Every year we strive to improve, not only for ourselves but for our dealers and their customers.

About our brands

Proforce Equipment, Inc. has been the exclusive distributor of Snugpak® products in North and South America for more than 10 years. Snugpak, located in the United Kingdom, was founded 1977. Snugpak® products have been used on every permanently inhabited continent and the company enjoys long standing contracts with many government defense agencies for both sleeping bags and clothing. This obviously is due not only to the performance of our products but also our quality workmanship and materials that go into every item Snugpak® proudly puts their name on. The company is still independently owned and operated and continues to manufacture a great deal of its range in the United Kingdom, a reputation for quality and on time delivery ensure their standing as an international brand leader. Snugpak® has also won the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade two times.

NDūR® is a line of Innovative Survival Products designed with performance and functionality in mind. The motto, to Survive – to Outlast – to Endure does state exactly what the vast line of various products by NDūR® are meant to do. Many of us never know when a situation will arise, but when it does being prepared is the first step. We do know though there are a number of situations and each could be slightly different and require specific things. This is why NDūR® is constantly working to develop and bring to market quality products from all around the world for all those who choose not to be a statistic, but to be a survivor. Being prepared though, goes even further than just having good gear. You should also know how to use that equipment properly so when the time comes you know exactly the proper way in which it should be used. Survival situations can occur anywhere from an urban environment, to the wilderness, desert, mountains or even during or after a natural disaster.Proforce Equipment, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for NDūR®.

Proforce Equipment, Inc. teamed up with Multimat® to bring into the United States of America what it considers the best self-inflating products available. Multimat® has over 25 years experience in the outdoor leisure industry, and its products are produced to the highest standards. The company has been recognized as meeting the National Standard for effective Investment in People. Multimat® is a British Army approved contractor and supply over 50% of the UK outdoor industry.

CAMCON® is a brand focused on camouflage and concealment products for various applications and markets. CAMCON® offers the items like face paint, shemaghs, face veils and body veils.

Proforce Equipment, Inc. has teamed up with WILDO® of Sweden to offer their premier line of lightweight, functional and innovative campware. All of the products made by WILDO® are proudly made in Sweden to their rigorous and demading specifications. Proforce Equipment, Inc. is the exclusive distributor for Wildo products in the United States.