Our Brands

Proforce Equipment, Inc. is the Exclusive Distributor and Representative for Snugpak®, NDūR® and Camcon® in North and South America and for Tasmanian Tiger® and Wildo® in the United States.

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Founded in 1977, Snugpak® products have been used on every permanently inhabited continent and the company enjoys long standing contracts with many government defense agencies for both sleeping bags and clothing. This is due not only to the performance of our products but also our quality workmanship and materials that go into every item Snugpak proudly puts their name on. Snugpak’s reputation for quality and on time delivery ensure their standing as an international brand leader.


Tasmanian Tiger® is a premium supplier of professional Military, Tactical and Police Equipment. Founded by Tatonka GmbH in 1999, Tasmanian Tiger has redefined the meaning of quality through its persistence, consistency and determination to produce only the finest products. All Tasmanian Tiger products are made of the very best quality materials, with the best functionality. Tasmanian Tiger products are made to European manufacturing standards under high social conditions at our own factories in Vietnam. Under our OPEN FACTORY program, you are very welcome to visit our factory Mountech Co. Ltd. on any Friday and experience how it operates.


NDuR® is a line of Innovative Survival Products designed with performance and functionality in mind. The motto, to Survive - to Outlast - to Endure® states exactly what the vast line of various products by NDuR® are meant to do. Many of us never know when a situation will arise, but when it does being prepared is the first step. Survival situations can occur anywhere from an urban environment, to the wilderness, desert, mountains or even during or after a natual disaster. NDuR® is constantly working to develop and bring to market quality products from all around the world for all those who choose not to be a statistic, but to be a survivor.


CAMCON® has a complete line of concealment products for various applications and markets. Whether you need to camoflage yourself, your equipment or your weapon we offer a wide array of products to achieve camouflageability. From shemaghs, face veils and body veils to face paint, camo wraps and bungee cords. When you need to be UNSEEN, we have have what you need.